Performance Media Placement

Carl Perkins

Performance Media Placement, 150 El Camino Real, Suite 220 Tustin, CA 92780

We will recommend Empower Integrated Solutions as a highly qualified and high integrity company for the development of complex systems.

Empower Integrated Solutions has completely developed our online marketing system for Performance Media Placement and has been contracted by us for over four years now. This system is based on the Microsoft .NET platform and MS SQL Server and provides us with a fully integrated marketing system from tip to tail. This system has many facets required to manage online marketing programs for our customers through Google AdWords. This system includes automatic order form to site building, automated Google AdWords keyword provisioning via Google's API and performance analysis, also via Google's API, which includes all of the relevant metrics necessary for running high performance campaigns for hundreds of our customers simultaneously. Empower also developed an integrated click fraud detection system and analytics.

Today, we provide the best online marketing experience to a large base of customers with performance that outpaces two very well funded and much larger competitors.

Empower has shown the ability to take on large complex programs and to bring them to full production with minimal problems during this evolution. They have done an outstanding job and have taken on this task as a partner with us.


Michael Vo

Elocalprofiles.com, Director of Engineering

SearchInitiatives has been in business for over 4 years now. From the beginning, we have turned to Empower Solutions for all of our engineering needs. I have personally worked with Empower on a day to day basis for these 3 years and they have performed beyond all expectations. Their ability to accommodate to any Microsoft technology available has really been a core reason for our success as a company today. In addition, Empower Solution's software engineering experience has lead to the development of consistently robust and scalable applications for our company.

Every other week SearchInitiatives comes out with new products powered by Microsoft's technologies (WCF, Windows Workflow foundation, ASP.NET) and we are always in need for quick turn around time. Empower has always been able to deliver on all our project requirements. An example of one of the applications Empower Solutions works on for us is our internal Administration Dashboard. It was built from the ground up by Empower Solutions on the ASP.NET Framework 2.0. The dashboard is a large-scale application that handles our agency management, user management, customer management, product management, product reports, sales reports, and system configuration. Over 150 people use this application on a daily basis. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched.


Phil Collins

eLocalListing, Vice President of Technology

Empower have been a key partner in elocallisting's success in the highly competitive world of local internet marketing. Empower have worked with our US based engineers and architects to create multiple internet products, administration interfaces, reporting interfaces and API's to systems such as SAP Business One, salesforce and authorized.NET.

They have shown dedication and execution for our large European project, enabling eLocalListing to meet aggressive technical and product mile stones. Empower have shown great flexibility in adapting to the changes in the economy, market needs and projects which all have placed different requirements on their company. They are an integrated part of our team and integral to our success.


Atif Rafiq

Quotrs, (former) Head of Product Strategy and Marketing

I've come to know Empower in the context of several start-up and non-profit application development projects. Empower provides the responsiveness, know-how and commitment to service important development projects with high quality execution. The Empower team quickly grasps our product needs, develops innovative and timely solutions that work, and demonstrates the flexibility to adjust as objectives evolve. Working in lock-step with our engineering teams, the company is a valued partner that has continuously exceeded our expectations. It's not a stretch to say that over time, Empower becomes a seamless extension of your core team while providing all the advantages of outsourcing.


Philip Dizon


My name is Philip Dizon and I am a Software Developer for Search Initiatives and have worked with Empower Solutions for over 4 years. Empower Solutions has become our partner in development, design, and implementation of various projects. As a result, Empower Solutions really has been integral to Search Initiatives' success as an Internet Marketing company. Empower's ability to easily understand our company, product and concepts has made it a breeze to communicate with them. All it takes is a clear specifications document and we can expect high quality work that is efficient, scalable, thoroughly tested, and delivered on time.

Empower has worked on projects such as Search Initiatives' customer check out systems, and internal administration centre for managing sales, users, and products built on the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 platform and interface with Microsoft SQL Server 2005. What Search Initiatives has ended up with is a system that is reliable, easy to manage, and supports all of Search Initiatives' 100+ employees and thousands of customers. Empower Solutions' expertise with ASP.NET is really unmatched.

National Predator Database

Duane Brinson

National Predator Database

In 2005, National Predator Database contracted with Empower Integrated Solutions to develop a complex, distributed web based application. The application consists of three major subsystems implemented using a variety of Microsoft technologies.

The first subsystem managed the data input process. This consisted of fifty-one (51) unique modules for processing data on registered sex offenders received from the fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia plus an on-demand web application for processing inbound Amber Alerts received from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The second subsystem managed the internal process for managing the flow of data received from the various sources through various validation processes, including a human review and approval web based application for records that could not be completely processed by the automated system.

The third subsystem is the data distribution subsystem that a) displays data on our website for end users, b) generates XML data feeds for our large customers and c) manages a network of millions of desktop applications and notifies individual clients of Amber Alerts in the user's area or of registered sex offenders who have moved into the end users geographical area.

In terms of technologies used, the system consists of a large database for storing and managing all of the data received from the various sources and maintaining the state of the desktop clients, Windows services for processing inbound requests, standalone applications for processing inbound data, a .NET web based application for managing the data and a front-end .NET application for the end?user website.

Since original development, the code has evolved as our requirements have changed and the fifty?one input processors are dynamic code as, every month, several states change the format of the data they supply to us.

Throughout the original develop process and since rollout, Empower has provided the highest level of service and support, frequently going beyond their basic responsibilities to not only develop code to the specifications, but to also point out problems in our specifications and to recommend more optimal options. As this has been an evolving system, Empower has remained heavily involved in the ongoing maintenance of the system in addition to the original development process. Empower has always responded in a timely manner to change requests, including working late hours and weekends to enable to meet the demands of several high?maintenance customers.

We had worked with several outside software development companies to augment our own internal capabilities before we found Empower Integrated Solutions. All of the previous companies lacked the technical expertise to meet our diverse requirements. Empower has proven both their technical expertise as well as their commitment to meeting the needs of their customers. We have spent much time finding a company that could meet our diverse needs and now that we have found Empower, we will use them for all of our future projects.

Bridgestone India Private Limited

Vishwajit Singh

Bridgestone India Private Limited, Deputy GM (QA & Safety, Health & Environment)

I have been very impressed with the speed and quality of the work that Empower Solutions have done for Bridgestone India Private Limited. We are using Planned Maintenance System Software developed for us, meeting our requirements for Preventive Maintenance, Shutdown Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance and Breakdown Analysis supported by graphical reports. After successful completion of our first project with them, they have also developed Spare Part Management System. It has improved our efficiency of ordering and inventory control of spares. It far exceeded our expectations. It is very simple to use but also very professional, exactly what we needed. Amendments and alterations were done exactly as and when we asked. Their professionalism has been reassuring and their advice during project development has been extremely useful. I am very happy with my choice of solution provider, and would certainly recommend them to others. From initial contact to the present day which includes the before and aftercare, Special thanks to Mr. Pramath Bakliwal and Mrs. Mamta Bakliwal for their efforts. Once again a big THANK YOU from us to your entire team, for all the time and excellent effort you have put in to making our website so professional and user-friendly.