Onshore Consultancy

Empower Solutions onshore consulting services helps clients around the world to use it's expertise at very economical charges for taking up onshore assignments. These assignments can be of varied nature ranging from consulting to short term development & deployment works to long term outsourcing of manpower to client sites.

This helps in the clients to leave their noncore tasks of development and I.T servicing to our expertise and focus themselves on the main line of activities of their businesses. This saves the rigmarole of recruiting the right person, training them to attain expertise and managing them for the long term and all the trouble of hiring and staffing. Instead they are able to get the ready expertise of Software development and Servicing from us. That too at a price that offers immense savings on their own costs.

Onshore consulting from Empower Solutions has brought win-win situations to both the client and us. The clients are benefitted with experienced professionals and the company's capability maturity model for their I.T needs and the company and its resources benefit from the vast exposure of working on different business processes of the international clients, thus increasing their own knowledge and domain expertise of the various verticals.

We can provide these resources right from the levels of architecting expertise to developers to Quality Assurance and testing professionals.

Onshore Consulting