Project Recovery

One of our areas of services includes the recovery of the .net projects which have failed or which are running at risk. We undertake all activities addressing the troubled project. Sometimes the project may fail due to market influence, finance, lack of commitment to deadlines and so on. We help our client to recover those types of project and fulfill their business objectives.

In such projects we manage the constraints of time, cost, scope, quality. Project recovery would more of art of determining which of these factors is most important and using tools, techniques and technologies that reinforce the process.

The recovery of the project is considered as the project itself, rather it is treated more as it will require more planning and strategy design. Moreover its background and reason for failure needs to be scrutinized. We need to make a detailed and realistic plan before project launch can help to ensure a successful outcome.

One of the crucial processes here is the development of project recovery plan. We follow a systematic model of project recovery.

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